Tuesday Apr 10th, 2018


First timer buyers or not, you should all follow some tips, while viewing houses for sale. Use your time for viewing house wisely and your home search time will be shorter and less stressful.

  1. Before going out, Google the house address and check if there is anything that would bother you (backing onto train tracks etc). Eliminate those upfront, it will reduce your stress, trust me!!!

  1. Don’t get distracted. If you have very young children, leave them with relatives or friends. Once you find a house you like, book another showing and bring your children to see it and join your happiness.

  1. If you don’t have anybody to help, take turns with your spouse for viewing the house. One parent can stay with child/children in living room or in a car while the other one takes tour with your realtor. Then switch...you can compare notes after the showing.


  1. PLEASE ignore furniture, staging style and wall paint color!!! Furniture is most likely not coming with the house and that red wall color can be painted over!


  1. While in room, try to figure out your furniture size and see if it would fit. If you like that house much, you might need to get new furniture:) ALSO, please make sure you check where would you put your TV!!!


  1. Avoid viewing houses at night. You wont get a true “feel” of the house. Also, you will miss those cracks in the floor, ceiling stains and you wont be able to see the condition of the roof and you will definitely miss that awesome hot tub and cornucopia of trees in backyard… If having lots of light is a must for you, than you definitely MUST avoid viewing it at night!

These 6 tips are the most common ones that I’ve seen, during all my years trading in real estate. I usually educate my clients about potential mistakes during showings in advance and, so far, clients that bought their homes with me are thankful for these tips.

If you would like to know more, OR, if you have some great tips yourself, feel free to share them with us.

Kindest Regards from your friend in Real Estate.

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