Thursday Dec 22nd, 2016



How many of us are there that like to hang onto sentimental memories, when they are actually just crowding our living space??

I still keep my kids first toys (got rid of the rest, though), first baby clothes, our first TV….

Well, it is time to let go and create new memories...

It is known for a fact that at least 30 per cent, if not more, of the stuff we have at home is unused and not needed.

Let the Decluttering be your next winter project…Why winter? Simply because we have more time at our hands and it is too cold to go out have fun anyway... except for those who would go out no matter what :)

You shouldn't be thinking of decluttering only if you are moving to another home. You should be doing this every few years for sure, since we will collect stuff  within that period of time that it will not fit the style anymore, you will get gifts or, if you are "orange" personality like me, you will get bored of it, you need to CHANGE SOMETHING! :)

Start with living room; try to minimize the decorating items. Take those thirty three picture frames of you, your children, your pets and just keep one of each. It can be your favourite picture of all times, or maybe most recent vacation. If you have too many memories that you would like to keep looking at, change them once a month. 

If you really love your framed pictures, do what I did :) ... place them nicely on your bedroom's end tables, dressers, on the second floor hallway shelves, on the second floor hallways walls etc.

For all those books, magazines, toys, ipads etc, that you have in your living room, or family room, get those awesome ottomans with storage option and shove all that stuff in! There are many to chose from, they can be very inexpensive, or extremely expensive, depends on your budget and style.


This way, you will have a nice, organized living room and won't look around if someone rings the bell, unannounced...


KITCHEN, boy, is that one tough or what?! So many small appliances that we have and use....once in a blue moon... well, my suggestion is, empty one of the biggest cupboards you have in your kitchen, organize appliances inside and you will be able to see your countertop again.

I hope some of these tips you will find useful. Let me know if you would like to share any ideas with us too.



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