Home Inspection, Why and When?

Friday Oct 12th, 2018


Home Inspection, What, Why and When? Home inspection is a process of inspecting a home, by a qualified home inspector, prior to the purchasing a property.  Once Buyer and Seller come to an agreement, in most cases, there will be a conditional clause, that will allow Buyers to obtain a home inspection and to satisfy that condition. The Home inspector will check all major points including, but not limited to, furnace, air condition, roof, attic, foundation, all... [read more]

What is a Deposit and when do you need it?

Thursday Oct 11th, 2018


What is a deposit and when do we need it? Deposit is firstly, sign of a good faith and sincerity by a Buyer to purchase property and secondly, it represents part of the downpayment and is part of purchase price for the property. There is no mandatory amount for deposit but, the higher amount it is, more serious Buyer is. Deposit is usually made in two ways. One is “at the earliest opportunity and up to 24 hours after acceptance of the offer (with some... [read more]


Tuesday Apr 10th, 2018


First timer buyers or not, you should all follow some tips, while viewing houses for sale. Use your time for viewing house wisely and your home search time will be shorter and less stressful. Before going out, Google the house address and check if there is anything that would bother you (backing onto train tracks etc). Eliminate those upfront, it will reduce your stress, trust me!!! Don’t get distracted. If you have very young children, leave them with relatives... [read more]

Which day should you choose for Closing Date?

Monday Mar 26th, 2018


To many of you, this title might look silly, but I can't even tell you how many times I've heard and been a witness to not so nice stories about "closing date" trouble. What is the "closing date" ?. “Completion date” – among regular people knows as “closing date”, is the date when the lawyer will transfer title to Buyers’ name and they will take a legal possession of the property. You will get the keys for your new home... [read more]