You can afford that house, but you don't want to pay for it?

Tuesday Sep 18th, 2018


You've been to the bank, or talked to a mortgage broker and they said that you could afford to buy an expensive house. However, you are NOT comfortable paying that much for a mortgage. We've all heard that expression..." I don't want to be a house poor".... I completely understand and AGREE with this expression. We have only one life to live and no one knows how long this journey will be for us. Therefore, live smart and enjoy the life to the fullest. Having said... [read more]

Selling your house in winter time

Saturday Feb 3rd, 2018


Living in GTA thought me not to play or count on the Mother Nature! If you count on help from Mother Nature, for selling your house, either in Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Burlington or Toronto, think again! I've seen snow in May in Mississauga, short sleeve t-shirt day in January in Oakville and the list goes on. Brace yourself and expect the unexpected. So, let's get your house ready for sale the way we can bypass those "little" hiccups. We all know that... [read more]


Thursday May 4th, 2017


Lately, paying way over 2 million for a house, doesn't mean that you will strike a "luxury home" for sure! If you are buying in Toronto, you will most likely get a little house that is FAR from being a luxury home.  (something like this)  OR YOU WOULD PREFER SOMETHING LIKE THIS?! if you are anything like some of us, you will be willing to go the distance and you WILL get an elegant, luxurious home for sure!!! Welcome to this unique neighbourhood... [read more]