Tuesday Mar 13th, 2018


Spring is coming, hopefully:), so we should get your house ready for sale. Most of the time home Sellers focus on inside, that they forget to "beautify" outside too! We are all aware that first impression is the most important one! If a Buyer see the grass two feet tall, garbage and cigarette buts all over the front yard, flyers  thrown on the porch...they won't even come to your home. So, lets see what we can do about that. Here are the "eazy to read" points, created just for you!


  • Powerwash brick face/vinil siding
  • Power wash concrete driveway
  • Wash windows
  • Reseal blacktop driveway
  • Trim bushes and trees
  • Plant flower pots on front steps
  • New mailbox
  • Remove weeds from cracks in driveway and walkways
  • Replace outside light fixture


If it is still snow present on the ground:

  • Keep the access to the house ALWAYS clean and salted, so that buyers can focus on the exterior of the house and not on watching where can they slip on ice and break their legs!
  • AGENTS- please have your lockbox in a covered area, so it doesnt get frozen!


  • Power wash deck and re-stain
  • Power wash patio
  • Power wash brick/vinyl siding
  • Plant flower or use flower pots around deck and patio
  • Trim bushes and tees
  • Remove weeds from cracks in patio/walkway
  • Wash windows

If it is still snow present on the ground:

  • If you have nice patio, try to shovel the snow from that area and show those gorgeous stones to a potential buyer, or if it is a deck, let them see that you are maintaining it regularly. Even if it is in a bad condition, show it!, less chance that you will have some issues from the purchasor, once they discover that, once the snow is gone.


  • Closets: clean them out. Keep what you need. Anything else should be sotored. In basement, attic or garage neatly:
  • Clean all windows
  • Medicine cabinets – remove medications and put them somewhere out of reach
  • Basement.shed/garage organixe boxes neatly. Place them against the walls and not in the middle of the floor


Living room

  • Declutter desk, shelves and mantle
  • Remove photographs or keep tham to a minimum
  • Wash curtains/clean window treatments



  • Replace cabinet and drawer hardware (if old and outdated)
  • Clean inside of refridgerator
  • Re-grout tile flooring
  • Clean hardwood floor
  • Clean inside of oven
  • Clean inside of microwave
  • Dust/clean ceiling fans
  • Organize and declutter pantry, cabinets and drawers
  • Decluter countertops
  • Wahs curtains/clean window treatments


Dining Room

  • Dust/Clean ceiling fans
  • Clean rugs/hardwood floors
  • Declutter china cabinets
  • Declutter shelving
  • Wash curtains/clean window treatments



  • Declutter drawers and closets
  • Replace old light fixtures
  • Re-grout or clean tile flooring
  • Replace cabinet and drawer hardware
  • Declutter countertops



  • Keep beds made at all times
  • Declutter closets
  • Clean rugs/hardwood floors
  • Dust/clean ceiling fans
  • Declutter shelving
  • Wash/curtains/ clean window treatments

If these tips make sense to you, use them, and I if you would like your house to be sold in the fastest possible time and with least amount of stress, feel free to contact me for more information!

HAPPY SELLING from your realtor that truly cares!



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