In Their Own Words

bettA week ago, Matilda helped me buy my first property. For about 1.5-2 months, we visited dozens of properties in total. Beyond that, we eliminated the majority of listings to narrow down what we were looking for, within a certain range of ideal qualities & value. ... Matilda Was Proactive, Looking Out For My Best Interest The Whole Way Through. She Was Super Professional, & I Could Tell That She Would Be Just As Personable & Taking The Same Care For Others. Thank you Matilda, as well as this Entire BNI Group, for all the Good Business We've Done For Each Other, As a Team, for Helping Me Purchase My First Property At 25 Years Old.

M.C. 2018

We are living in such a highly materialistic & of course a very fast moving society that hardly we see someone doing business (with professional ethics) & a keen well wisher understanding the family as well. 

Certainly you are one in million of such category.  Our heart-felt & sincere thanks to you for all the support you have provided in ensuring we have a very smooth deal for the new house (in fact, a 'Home' as I write now). Do stay in touch with us. After all, we all need good people first & then business. 

Sriram, Madhu & Kids

“We would like to personally thank you for a job well done for buying our home. Your excellent service , communication and professionalism, made the buying process so much easier for us. We knew instantly that we had selected the right Realtor. You went above and beyond and we would certainly recommend your services to anyone that is interested in buying or selling a home.”

Sasha & Jasminka

“As First Time Home Buyers, myself and my fiancé were privileged to be refereed to Matilda. Matilda provided us with extremely useful information, directed us to understand the process as first time home buyers. She led us every step of the way, educating us for all the benefits as First time Home Buyers we were fortunate to have. It was an ongoing education that made us boost our knowledge for any property we booked to see. We love our new house, beautiful home. She had a wonderful friendly and professional approach towards us. She is on our call list as a friend and the best realtor. Thank you Matilda.”

K.J & B.Z

“We had a pleasure to work with Matilda in Dec2014-Feb 2015 in dual roles. First she helped us to purchase investment property and than to rent it. With her advices and recommendations she helped us to choose perfect property that will check all boxes - price, location , age , expenses , rental income , property taxes...everything .It turned out that she is not just the great real estate agent but also a great real estate financial advisor . We learned so much from her about buying/selling/renting, to use different strategies and achieve our goals faster. As I said, it was a pleasure working with her and we're looking forward to work together again.”

S&B R.

"It's my absolute pleasure to recommend  Matilda Nestoroska. Along with undeniable talent Matilda has always been an absolute pleasure to deal with. Matilda is honest, dependable and incredibly hard working person. Please feel free to contact me at 905 6166895 should you like to discuss her experience further. I'd be happy to expand my recommendations."

Zoran Ivanoski


Matilda worked with us when we were moving to Oakville. Her knowledge of the market is unparalleled. I had a long list of very specific requirements and a grumpy husband but Matilda handled it with humor and grace and found us the needle in the haystack we were looking for. She then used her influence and great negotiation skills to get us the house we wanted over the other offer. Every day I wake up in a house I love and it’s all thanks to Matilda.

Andrea H.

“...I would like to say THANKS AGAIN to you Matilda and your team for all the hard work you have put in, to sell our house.  I am still amazed that you have sold our house after ONLY THREE HOURS ON THE MARKET. Our house actually went on the market 3 times before this over the years and was not sold.  When we purchased this house in 1997, we  beat out three other buyers in a bidding war.  Therefore, we did not anticipate that it would stay on the market for any amount of time once we decide to sell (especially after putting in so much time and money into upgrading and maintaining it).

This is what I am saying to people when they ask how did we do it -sell our house in only 3 hours: My agent is MATILDA NESTOROSKA, she is amazing at selling houses and she has the track record to show this.  She knows her homework and did her homework.  Matilda certainly went the extra mile to meet our needs.  Also, to top this all off we received 99.85% our asking price. Matilda, you are an A+ agent with an A+ attitude.”

Charmaine C.

I was extremely happy with professional services provided by Matilda. She was on top of this transaction at all times, providing advices, suggestions and support, she even had coffee and cookies at open house.

Lj. P.

Matilda is a result oriented person with a great success rate record. She is very professional and focused on the clients and deals. Her intuition is  phenomenal and she mastered skills of taking The right action on time.

S & M. Jankovic

My husband and I want to thank Matilda for helping us find our dream home. When we started looking around, Matilda took the time to understand our exact needs. Her patience and insight helped us tremendously in our search, as we could take only limited time out from our busy schedules, to view houses. 

We are very happy that Matilda helped us find our dream home so quickly. She gave us her complete support through the entire purchase process all the way up to the closing..Her dedication and support are admirable, and I would whole-heartedly recommend Matilda to any discerning buyer, who may be looking to buy a home.  


Testimonial straight from our hearts. We would like to thank Matilda for helping us find our first home .Her extensive knowledge and understanding Of the current market trends made our home buying experience a fun and a memorable one. We were extremely impressed with her consistent professionalism and how prompt she was in replying to our messages and phone calls , even late at night. Her honesty won our hearts, she is a very easy person to work with.

We our firmly convinced that  we got the best representation from initial listing search to final closing . Me and my husband would definitely recommend Matilda and would not hesitate ourselves to use her services again.

Ekta –Manav

We were so pleased with our first experience with Matilda that we hired her again when we wanted to sell our own home. 

Even though we were repeat clients, Matilda didn’t cut any corners...The thing we like most about Matilda is that she listened to us and made us a priority

...I guess if we had to summarize Matilda in a few words we would say: trustworthy, personal, professional, courteous, detail-oriented, informative, reliable, and knowledgeable.  She is our realtor for life!

Gary and Kim C.

I had pleasure to work with Matilda in 2011 selling my property and purchasing new house. Matilda is detail oriented Real Estate Broker who watches real estate market like a hawk without loosing sight of customer requirements and real estate market value. Matilda works well with clients and colleagues, trustworthy with clients and advisable with colleagues.


Matilda assisted us with the sale of our previous home and purchase of a new home.  Matilda offered outstanding service that went beyond the role of an agent.  Her wealth of real estate market knowledge, commitment and focus ensure her clients are satisfied with the purchase/sale of their home. Matilda’s full-service approach made sure our home stood out among the rest and was marketed in all key areas. We listened to all of the staging suggestions she had and it resulted in our home being sold in 9 hours after just two showings!  A record was set in our area for sale price of comparable homes.  We would definitely recommend Matilda and believe that her honesty, integrity, professionalism and dedication will provide similar results for you!

Cabaday Family

With great pleasure I would like to recommend Matilda Nestoroska. She made the process of buying the house very easy and painless for us. She listened to what we wanted and and was very patient with us throughout our search. She found exactly what we were looking for. Her advice and guidance through this process was priceless. The attention to detail, knowledge of the field and the professional approach were greatly appreciated. We can't imagine going through this process with anyone else. I highly recommend her to any buyer/seller within GTA.

V. Vasilev

Thank you for your great service & help and making a hard decision seem easier…Thank You.

Anna & Ivan Cindric

Thank you for all of the help you provided to us and for making our first home-buying-experience a great one! You are a true professional and it is obvious that you love your job. We will be sure to recommend you to all of our friends.

G. Avramovski

Matilda got personally involved and helped us through a lot of stressful times. She went well beyond the "real estate agent" when she provided guidance and assistance with the move and first few weeks in our new place. Matilda’s understanding, patience and honesty are definite assets that will help YOU in the sale or purchase of your home! We will be sure to recommend Matilda to all of our friends.

Valentina and Alex Cavdamov

After accepting all her advices and recommendations, Matilda sold our property in 5 days for our asking price. She is very  professional, focused and detailed. Thank you for all your help. I strongly recommend her to all our friends.


This letter is sent to you in the appreciation for the successful find in our home, but most of all the thanks and gratitude we want to show you.

The service and personal attention we received from Matilda Nestoroska, was exceptional...Matilda was patient, kind, experienced and knowledge explaining everything clearly to us answering all our million questions we asked, never getting inpatient!! Matilda went above and beyond our expectation, working so hard for us creating a friendship and trust between me and my husband. She really and truly looked out for us as individuals, not just as clients making the process so much fun!!! Every time we spent a day looking at houses it was always fun, never stressful. We looked forward to meeting up with her spending the day together!

 Regardless of buying or selling, we would highly recommend Matilda to help you in this journey you take. We could have not asked for a better realtor to guide us through the process. Thank you so so much Matilda, we will be back!

 Justin & Sarah

​“I don't think I have ever met a woman more dedicated to her job!  Within the first five minutes of meeting Matilda I knew she would be the one to sell my place!  I was aiming high and I knew I needed a cracker jack realtor to help me achieve my goal! I decided to lay all my trust in Matilda and I am glad I did.  I listened to everything she told me because she is the expert.  Even when I questioned a decision, or thought, "do I really have to do that?,"   it wasn't until it was over that I realized, YES, everything Matilda said was bang on! 

I phoned Matilda on a Thursday night and said I had decided to move.  The next week we painted, repaired, and added some touches here and there, then staged the condo and had the photographer come in. We were on the market for two days!  It sold on a Thursday night... exactly two weeks after I had made the decision.  Now that is fast work!  What an amazing realtor!

Adrienne N.

With great pleasure I would like to recommend Matilda Nestoroska. She made the process of buying the house very easy and painless for us. She listened to what we wanted and was very patient with us throughout our search...Her advice and guidance through this process was priceless. The attention to detail, knowledge of the field and the professional approach were greatly appreciated. We can't imagine going through this process with anyone else...

Vladimir V.

Matilda thank you so much for all your support and help on the process of buying our house. I enjoyed to work with you. When we talked about the house, as soon as you learnt what I was looking for, you found not only a house for us, you found our NEW HOME! Your negotiation skills and professionalism are the key for your and our success. My expectations have been exceeded. Congratulations! You are in the right job.

Angelica Garcia.

Thank you to the power of infinity!! You've found us a good nest, gave us good reference, been on our side guiding us throughout the process.  You did everything and today you gave us all gifts like someone who would care for us, appreciate it. We are far away from our family but truly feel we found a good friend!!  

Swami & family