Winter Real Estate: Don’t Let The Winter Chill Freeze Your Real Estate Dreams

Friday Nov 17th, 2023


If you find yourself The winter season often brings to mind cozy fires and hot cocoa, but In the realm of real estate, this season brings both distinct opportunities and hurdles, whether you're thinking about buying a new home or selling your current one.   Embracing Winter: Pros and Cons of Buying a Home When it comes to buying a home during the winter, there are both perks and pitfalls to consider. First off, let's talk about inventory. Inventory is typically lower... [read more]

Homebuyer Beware: The Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a Property

Monday Oct 23rd, 2023


So, you've decided it's time to dive into the exciting world of home buying. But before you start picturing yourself in that dream home, let's chat about some common missteps that buyers often make. Trust me; you'll want to avoid these pitfalls to make your home buying journey smoother. 1. Going Solo Without an Agent Sure, the internet is a treasure trove of information, but here's the issue– it doesn't tell you crucial details, including information... [read more]

Why You Shouldn't Wait for Interest Rates to Drop Before Buying a Home

Saturday Sep 23rd, 2023


So, you've got your eye on that dream house, but you're thinking, "Maybe I should wait for interest rates to drop a bit more before taking the plunge." It's a common thought, but let's chat about why waiting for those rates to drop might not be the best move.  Spoiler alert: sometimes, waiting might actually lead to a higher monthly payment. Why's that? Well, it's all about the game of supply and demand in the real estate world When interest... [read more]

Must-Know Information for First-Time Homebuyers: Building a Solid Foundation for Your Real Estate Journey

Wednesday Aug 16th, 2023


As a first-time homebuyer, stepping into the real estate world can be both exciting and overwhelming. But before you start imagining your dream home, it’s important to lay a solid foundation for your investment journey. While the type of property may seem like the top priority, it's essential to think years ahead and set clear end goals. I’m going to take you through the must-know information that will guide you toward making informed decisions, building equity, and... [read more]

Strategic Planning For Future Investments

Tuesday Jul 18th, 2023


When it comes to making a strategic investment in real estate, buyers have to be aware of many factors that can greatly influence the success of their investment.  The process requires careful consideration and planning, from understanding market trends and financial considerations to evaluating potential risks and growth opportunities. By being well-informed and prepared, buyers can head into real estate investing with confidence, making decisions that align with their goals and... [read more]

Advantages of purchasing a home in the summer

Sunday Jun 18th, 2023


Purchasing a home is a significant decision, and timing can play a crucial role in the real estate market. While the spring and fall seasons are traditionally busy, the summer offers unique advantages for both first-time home buyers and investors.  I think it’s important to keep an open mind and explore the benefits of buying a home during the summer, as it may very well be the most opportune time to make your move. As I like to say, “where there is a will, there is a... [read more]

Renovations that will hurt your house price tag!

Thursday Dec 1st, 2022


How many of you have decided of redesigning our own kitchen, bathrooms, floors, wall paints, etc, and how many of you got burned, when you were trying to sell your home, and the feedback in regards to those renovations was upsetting? My goal is to share some practical tips, so you don't make the same, costly mistakes, as many people did. The Most Important thing you need to make clear is, how long do you plan on living in this home? Clear answer to that question will be a crucial... [read more]

How can First Time Home buyer own a property in this market?

Tuesday Mar 12th, 2019

225 Webb Dr, Unit 2011, Mississauga, On

Even though we are seeing some leveling in prices, real estate market affordability in GTA is drastically down. Therefore, First time home Buyers, including young people that just are trying to leave their parents nest and newcomers, are being offered little-to-none, if they would like to buy a house, or any freehold property. To afford even a freehold townhouse, in most of the GTA, will be in 700’s and how many single people, or families that rely on one income can really qualify for... [read more]

Home Inspection, Why and When?

Friday Oct 12th, 2018


Home Inspection, What, Why and When? Home inspection is a process of inspecting a home, by a qualified home inspector, prior to the purchasing a property.  Once Buyer and Seller come to an agreement, in most cases, there will be a conditional clause, that will allow Buyers to obtain a home inspection and to satisfy that condition. The Home inspector will check all major points including, but not limited to, furnace, air condition, roof, attic, foundation, all... [read more]

What is a Deposit and when do you need it?

Thursday Oct 11th, 2018


What is a deposit and when do we need it? Deposit is firstly, sign of a good faith and sincerity by a Buyer to purchase property and secondly, it represents part of the downpayment and is part of purchase price for the property. There is no mandatory amount for deposit but, the higher amount it is, more serious Buyer is. Deposit is usually made in two ways. One is “at the earliest opportunity and up to 24 hours after acceptance of the offer (with some... [read more]

Closing Costs when Selling a House

Wednesday Oct 10th, 2018


It is a common believe, that selling house is a complex and stressful process. I will show you one way of how we can prevent all that stress! Our job, as Realtors, is to make the process of selling a house as simple as possible, for our clients. The secret of preventing the stress is to "expect the unexpected". When listing a home for sale, I always introduce ALL closing costs, including the ones that most likely wont apply to that specific home, but rather,... [read more]

You can afford that house, but you don't want to pay for it?

Tuesday Sep 18th, 2018


You've been to the bank, or talked to a mortgage broker and they said that you could afford to buy an expensive house. However, you are NOT comfortable paying that much for a mortgage. We've all heard that expression..." I don't want to be a house poor".... I completely understand and AGREE with this expression. We have only one life to live and no one knows how long this journey will be for us. Therefore, live smart and enjoy the life to the fullest. Having said... [read more]


Tuesday Apr 10th, 2018


First timer buyers or not, you should all follow some tips, while viewing houses for sale. Use your time for viewing house wisely and your home search time will be shorter and less stressful. Before going out, Google the house address and check if there is anything that would bother you (backing onto train tracks etc). Eliminate those upfront, it will reduce your stress, trust me!!! Don’t get distracted. If you have very young children, leave them with relatives... [read more]

Which day should you choose for Closing Date?

Monday Mar 26th, 2018


To many of you, this title might look silly, but I can't even tell you how many times I've heard and been a witness to not so nice stories about "closing date" trouble. What is the "closing date" ?. “Completion date” – among regular people knows as “closing date”, is the date when the lawyer will transfer title to Buyers’ name and they will take a legal possession of the property. You will get the keys for your new home... [read more]


Tuesday Mar 13th, 2018


Spring is coming, hopefully:), so we should get your house ready for sale. Most of the time home Sellers focus on inside, that they forget to "beautify" outside too! We are all aware that first impression is the most important one! If a Buyer see the grass two feet tall, garbage and cigarette buts all over the front yard, flyers  thrown on the porch...they won't even come to your home. So, lets see what we can do about that. Here are the "eazy to read"... [read more]


Monday Feb 26th, 2018


One of many important factors in the process of pricing house for sale, is to determine how the renovations you did to your home will affect the price of your property. When selling your house, you have to keep in mind that Value is NOT determined by what you have put IN your property, but rather what a Buyer gets OUT of it. Buyers may not value the improvements as much as you do. One of examples is extended renovations in basement, with expensive tiles, potlights and custom made oak... [read more]

Pets and Showings

Tuesday Feb 6th, 2018


PETS AND SHOWINGS – I DON’T THINK SO!!!     My friends and colleagues say that I always have funny stories to tell. Well, this is not funny anymore. So far I’ve showed houses with cats, dogs, cats and dogs, cats, dogs, lizards, rats and SNAKE (all at the same house!) and all that without single word of warning on the listing. Somehow, I would appreciate if there is at least a little line saying “friendly snake in a... [read more]

Selling your house in winter time

Saturday Feb 3rd, 2018


Living in GTA thought me not to play or count on the Mother Nature! If you count on help from Mother Nature, for selling your house, either in Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Burlington or Toronto, think again! I've seen snow in May in Mississauga, short sleeve t-shirt day in January in Oakville and the list goes on. Brace yourself and expect the unexpected. So, let's get your house ready for sale the way we can bypass those "little" hiccups. We all know that... [read more]

Should you buy a house backing to School

Tuesday Jan 23rd, 2018


Should you buy a house that is backing onto school backyard. That is always a dillema, so here are my thoughts; If you are first time buyer , and you have young children, I know that you need to prepare the clothes, lunches, backpacks, so, you might actually LOVE to open the back gate and let children go to school backyard, or walk them around the corner to school:)  BUT, here's the hickup, it will probably take you longer to sell it, once you decide to move,... [read more]

7 Easy Ways to build a Credit History

Monday Jan 22nd, 2018


7 EASY WAYS TO BUILD A CREDIT HISTORY   1. GET A SECURED CREDIT CARD - That is the fastest way to establish a credit history for brand new borrowers (students, newcomers etc) or for people trying to re-establish credit after a bankruptcy. (Try to get credit card from a major bank and not from department stores) 2. PAY THE BALANCE IN FULL AND ON TIME because the interest rates on these cards are usually huge!   3. AVOID APPLYING FOR CREDIT CARDS TO OFTEN. Repeated... [read more]

TRUE FACTS ABOUT The 16 measures in Ontario’s new housing plan!!!

Tuesday May 23rd, 2017


We've all heard about "16 measures in Ontario's new housing plan" that "WILL" calm down fast pacing real estate market in GTA. (according to you-know-who) .... Really?... How many of you had thoroughly read through them and found yourself truly affected as a buyer, seller or an investor???  Well, I've decided to explain those rules in 'plain English' form, in similar way as we realtors explain real estate forms to our clients.... [read more]


Thursday May 4th, 2017


Lately, paying way over 2 million for a house, doesn't mean that you will strike a "luxury home" for sure! If you are buying in Toronto, you will most likely get a little house that is FAR from being a luxury home.  (something like this)  OR YOU WOULD PREFER SOMETHING LIKE THIS?! if you are anything like some of us, you will be willing to go the distance and you WILL get an elegant, luxurious home for sure!!! Welcome to this unique neighbourhood... [read more]


Wednesday May 3rd, 2017


GTA REALTORS® REPORT APRIL RESALE HOUSING FIGURES, AS TREB RELEASES NEW INSIGHTS ON FOREIGN BUYERS, SPECULATION, AND MULTIPLE OWNERSHIP TORONTO, May 3, 2017 -- The Toronto Real Estate Board has examined property assessment and land registry data in Ontario and has concluded that foreign buyer ownership, as well as speculation by foreign and domestic buyers and multiple ownership in the Greater Golden Horseshoe housing market remains low. TREB is releasing their analysis of... [read more]


Sunday Apr 30th, 2017


This 21st century is driving me nuts! Always rush! Rush to work , rush with kids to school, rush for kids activities, rush for the bus, get STUCK on HWY and THEN rush to work again…. Don’t you just want to stop?! GTA is becoming a one large compound place of squeezed houses, townhouses, condominiums (size of a smaller garage),  and we seem to be ok with that?! Well, there are still some good pockets with larger lots in different neighbourhoods of GTA. One of it is in... [read more]

How many houses should a Buyer see before they make an offer

Thursday Feb 16th, 2017


Getting properly educated and instructed by your Realtor will help you narrow that number of visited properties by a lot. Sometimes people see 10-20-30 houses and still are not ready to buy! ... Why?...Because they are simply not cleared on their "wants and needs". Finding you a home is my priority so therefore, before you even go to the car for a house search with me, we will do a thorough dissecting of your requirements. All Your "must(s)", your... [read more]

Client Appreciation Event Bowling 2017

Friday Jan 20th, 2017


  Here we go again! :) Classic Bowl, Mississauga, February 25th, 2017, from 3:00 - 5:00 pm. This will be our Second Annual "Winter Go Away!" Client Appreciation Event. Feel free to join us and bring some friends and relatives too! There will be some pizza, nachos, pop and awesome prizes too. Even more than last year!!! :) Looking foward seeing you all there!   P.S. Here are some great moments from our last year's event. :) [read more]


Thursday Dec 22nd, 2016


  How many of us are there that like to hang onto sentimental memories, when they are actually just crowding our living space?? I still keep my kids first toys (got rid of the rest, though), first baby clothes, our first TV…. Well, it is time to let go and create new memories... It is known for a fact that at least 30 per cent, if not more, of the stuff we have at home is unused and not needed. Let the Decluttering be your next winter project…Why winter? Simply... [read more]



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