Home Inspection, Why and When?

Friday Oct 12th, 2018


Home Inspection, What, Why and When?

Home inspection is a process of inspecting a home, by a qualified home inspector, prior to the purchasing a property. 

Once Buyer and Seller come to an agreement, in most cases, there will be a conditional clause, that will allow Buyers to obtain a home inspection and to satisfy that condition. The Home inspector will check all major points including, but not limited to, furnace, air condition, roof, attic, foundation, all appliances that are included in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, electrical and plumbing installation etc. 

No matter how new, or old property is, you should ALWAYS have a Home Inspection clause, as a condition in your offer to purchase a property. However, please remember the intention of an inspection is NOT for cosmetics. (Chipped paint, scratch on the floor etc). It is for the heavily-cost items, such as, furnace, air condition, roof, foundation, plumbing, electrical, mold, UFFI, asbestos etc, issues that are NOT VISIBLE by a naked eye.

Now, let’s go back to the offer. NOBODY has a right to tell you, that you CAN NOT have the home inspection clause included in your offer. Often we hear, what if I am in multiple offer situations? I want to have my offer “clean” and better presentable to the Sellers.

There is a way of you having the home inspection and STILL have a clean offer. i.e. if the offer reviewing day is Tuesday, have your agent arrange for the home inspection on any day PRIOR to the offer presentation date, or even on the day when the offers will be presented.

No seller should refuse your request for home inspection. Once the inspection is done, if you are satisfied with the results, your agent can then submit an offer without an inspection clause in it ("clean offer") or, If you don’t like what you see in Inspection report, move on!

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