Selling your house in winter time

Saturday Feb 03rd, 2018


Living in GTA thought me not to play or count on the Mother Nature!

If you count on help from Mother Nature, for selling your house, either in Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Burlington or Toronto, think again!

I've seen snow in May in Mississauga, short sleeve t-shirt day in January in Oakville and the list goes on. Brace yourself and expect the unexpected.

So, let's get your house ready for sale the way we can bypass those "little" hiccups.

We all know that majority of sellers start thinking about selling their house long before they actually list it. Well, here are some thoughts.

You know that you have to show the potential buyers all the best features of your home, and if in your case that might be your gorgeous garden and/or a pool with night-lights, then make sure they can see that.

I know that your backyard most likely will be covered with a snow in winter!

But here is the tip; have the pictures of your garden or pool, done in its full bloom months. Have the pictures printed and placed in a nice booklet or binder, on the kitchen table, among the feature sheets, schools sheet, bill receipts etc, that should be there for the buyers review, anyway.


This way, even though the weather outside might be nasty with snow, rain or fog and your beautiful backyard is nowhere to be seen, you can glow with pride of your garden beauty and the buyers will understand more why is your home better than neighbours' and why is that they need to pay premium price for your property.

Also, If you know that your master bedroom or any other major room in your house, is pretty dark in winter (northern exposure), make sure your realtor schedule the picture taking earlier in the morning or around noon, or whenever you think is the brightest in your home.

In case you don't have the luxury of planning so long in advance, don't worry. Check your old pictures. There must be some pictures that you took when you had those awesome parties around your gorgeous pool, or just hanging out in your beautiful backyard. Those pictures could be edited and also used to show potential buyers important features of your unique home.

Selling house can be frustrating and long or; it can be fast and FUN TOO! All depends on you and your realtor!

Good luck and give me a call when the time comes for you to START THINKING about selling your house in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Milton or Brampton.


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