How many houses should a Buyer see before they make an offer

Thursday Feb 16th, 2017


Getting properly educated and instructed by your Realtor will help you narrow that number of visited properties by a lot. Sometimes people see 10-20-30 houses and still are not ready to buy! ... Why?...Because they are simply not cleared on their "wants and needs".

Finding you a home is my priority so therefore, before you even go to the car for a house search with me, we will do a thorough dissecting of your requirements. All Your "must(s)", your "need(s)", your "nice-to-have(s)" and your "not-in-this-lifetime" will be recognized and placed on paper, for future reference. 

We will determine your priorities in specific order and then we will create a plan.

We will find the neighbourhood(s) that matches MOST of your criteria, since we all need to be realistic; there IS NO such a thing as perfect house. You will always be missing something (the exposure, certain floor plan, white color kitchen instead of oak color, dark hardwood floors instead of light...  We will just need to figure out criteria that do or not mean that much to you. 

Once we narrow all that down believe me, we will find you a home very soon! You will not need to see 50 houses before you make a decision (because I will be showing you ONLY houses that match most of your criteria).

 You will not get stressed out that much and most important, You WILL NOT second guess your decision to place an offer on a property you decided to buy.


Now, it is time to start home buying jurney... Give me a Call and let me help you find a home your family will enjoy and love.


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