How many houses should a Buyer see before they make an offer

Thursday Feb 16th, 2017


Getting properly educated and instructed by your Realtor will help you narrow that number of visited properties by a lot. Sometimes people see 10-20-30 houses and still are not ready to buy! ... Why?...Because they are simply not cleared on their "wants and needs". Finding you a home is my priority so therefore, before you even go to the car for a house search with me, we will do a thorough dissecting of your requirements. All Your "must(s)", your... [read more]


Sunday Apr 30th, 2017


This 21st century is driving me nuts! Always rush! Rush to work , rush with kids to school, rush for kids activities, rush for the bus, get STUCK on HWY and THEN rush to work again…. Don’t you just want to stop?! GTA is becoming a one large compound place of squeezed houses, townhouses, condominiums (size of a smaller garage),  and we seem to be ok with that?! Well, there are still some good pockets with larger lots in different neighbourhoods of GTA. One of it is in... [read more]

How can First Time Home buyer own a property in this market?

Tuesday Mar 12th, 2019

225 Webb Dr, Unit 2011, Mississauga, On

Even though we are seeing some leveling in prices, real estate market affordability in GTA is drastically down. Therefore, First time home Buyers, including young people that just are trying to leave their parents nest and newcomers, are being offered little-to-none, if they would like to buy a house, or any freehold property. To afford even a freehold townhouse, in most of the GTA, will be in 700’s and how many single people, or families that rely on one income can really qualify for... [read more]

Homebuyer Beware: The Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a Property

Monday Oct 23rd, 2023


So, you've decided it's time to dive into the exciting world of home buying. But before you start picturing yourself in that dream home, let's chat about some common missteps that buyers often make. Trust me; you'll want to avoid these pitfalls to make your home buying journey smoother. 1. Going Solo Without an Agent Sure, the internet is a treasure trove of information, but here's the issue– it doesn't tell you crucial details, including information... [read more]



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